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April 2023 Featured Prize Winners

Big Brizes Picked by Big Winners!

If you’re a bit choosey and like to select what you want to win, you’ve come to the right place. PickMyPrize offers hand curated prizes from across the top names in sweepstakes sites, which are always free and easy to enter and play! We offer the chance to enter to win large sums of cash, dream trips of a lifetime, amazing merchandise, gift cards and more! We also offer our own direct giveaways which you can enter daily for the chance to win. For any of our free sweepstakes simply click on the enter button and fill in your primary email address, or one that you are sure to check frequently, because that’s where we’ll let you know if you win any of our giveaways. Our partner sites will also notify winners by email, so be sure to follow through and be on the lookout for emails from any of the sites you enter on.

Toria S. of New Providence, Pennsylvania, won our $100 Cash Giveaway on April 6! That’s a nice chunk of change to enjoy on whatever pleases you! That could be new clothes, a nice day out at a summer festival, or perhaps you’ll get dressed up in one of your favorite outfits get a nice table for two at Dienner’s Country Restaurant, where Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine reins supreme! That’s something you can really sink your teeth into whether it’s a sit down table service meal or a trip around the buffet for a taste of everything! Enjoy your prize money, Toria, no matter how you end up spending it!

Thomas W. from Naples, Florida, is this month’s big winner after his entry was chosen in the Super 73 Electric Motorbike prize drawing, valued at $1,500, on lucky April 13! Thomas was so delighted to win; he wrote a poem about it and emailed it to us:

Always available night and day. Waiting for you when you have time to play.

Always fun and always free, Pick My Prize is the place to be.

If you have been playing awhile or just a beginner, you just might be the next big winner.

So you can play the game or sit around wishing. As for me, I am taking my prize and going fishing.

Thanks again!

Tom W.

How cool is that?! Thanks, Tom! We’re totally stoked that you are such a happy winner and wish you all the best of enjoyment!

Maureen V. of Merrillville, Indiana, had a merry day when she found out she won the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize on April 20! That sure is exciting since it’s so much fun to shop on Amazon no matter what you want to buy. Having gift card money makes it even more thrilling because who doesn’t love free shopping money?! Maybe you’ll buy something new to wear or perhaps a kitchen gadget you’ve had your eye on. You could also use it for a new home décor item, household supplies, a gift for a special occasion, the list of options is endless. There are so many hundreds of thousands of items to choose from, it’s sure to be a fantastic browsing adventure! Have fun deciding what to buy, Maureen!

Congrats to all of our daily winners this month too! We give a $15 Starbucks Gift Card away to someone every single day so be sure to enter 5 times daily and you could be among our next lucky winners! Kuniko T. in Cleveland, Ohio, landed that lucky daily win on April 20, and may be enjoying his favorite java and a bite to eat with it. Paul B. in Anchorage, Alaska, also landed on the daily winner list on April 24, and might be getting some hot cocoa to take the chill out of his morning commute! We hope everyone who won the Starbucks prize this month uses it for something they completely enjoy!

Be sure to come back every day to pick the prizes you want to win. We’d be thrilled to list you among our many winners and award a prize that you are thrilled to be awarded. Who knows, you might feel inspired to write a poem about it like Tom W. did and send it to us to share your joy of winning! Good luck everyone! We wish you all the best of winning the prizes you pick!

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