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PickMyPrize offers users access to the best online sweepstakes which are always free to enter every day. Our site showcases the best of the best when it comes to online giveaways and also offers access to our direct prize giveaways. So, all you need to do is visit us often and pick what you want to win! It’s simple to do by clicking on the prize and submitting your email address. That’s how you’ll find out if your entry was chosen to win, so be sure to spell it correctly and keep a watchful eye on your email inbox!

Linda R. of Westerly, Rhode Island, didn’t hesitate to submit her free entries and it paid off nicely on April 4th when she won the $250 Visa Gift Card prize drawing! That is definitely exciting news especially because winning a Visa Gift Card means you can spend it pretty much anywhere. That might be just perfect if you were thinking of driving over to New London, Connecticut, to catch the ferry and spend the day on the North Fork of Long Island. Since you can take your car on the ferry, that leaves so many choices of great places to visit and fun things to do!

You could head into Greenport to enjoy a leisurely lunch with a magnificent view and then walk around town to browse the shops. You might even go on a day when there’s live music in the square. Some really talented artists have been known to play there so you could be in for a real treat! You might also decide to take a North Fork Wine tour and wrap up your fun day with a great meal at 1943 Pizza Bar for a taste of a real authentic wood fired brick oven pizza New York style! Afterwards, you could take a stroll across the street to The Times Vintage clothing store. That’s always an interesting place to browse around and you never know what cool and interesting things may be waiting for you to discover! If you’re a fan of vinyl albums, they’ve got quite a collection which could be a trip down memory lane to see all the music of your youth, or that of your parents! We hope you have the best time ever and fully enjoy your prize money, Linda! Thanks for entering and we hope you come back to enter every day for more chances to win great prizes!

Cathy F. from Columbus, Ohio, also got some exciting news in her email after her entry was chosen to win the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on April 25th! What fantastic news for anyone who loves to shop on Amazon, and frankly who doesn’t?! There are so many choices, it’s certainly an adventure to explore hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of things you can buy! This is certainly a great time of year to have prize money to spend on Amazon if you’re thinking about adding something new to your Spring wardrobe. You might check out the Women’s Fashion under $30 section to find a new dress, new gym clothes, a pair of retro sun glasses, a cool Moonstone necklace, new earrings, or even a crossbody fanny pack bag to make it easy to take your favorite things with you on the go. With prices so low, you’re sure to find several things you can buy with your gift card money, and nothing feels as great as stepping out in a new outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous! Of course there are tons of other choices and no matter what you decide, we hope you completely enjoy shopping with your gift card money, Cathy! Congrats, and keep entering. There are lots more prizes available to enter to win!

Congratulations also go to our many daily winners this month! We give a $15 Starbucks Gift Card to one winner every single day because everyone loves free coffee, snacks, beverages, breakfast or lunch! You can also buy a travel cup to take your favorite beverage on the go, or pick up some fresh coffee beans to roast at home. It’s not commonly known that Starbucks started out simply selling quality coffee beans from a small storefront at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, Washington, back in 1971. By 1982 the founding brothers hired a man named Howard Schultz, who got the concept for a casual coffee meeting place after a trip to Milan, Italy. Today, Starbucks is known the world over with coffee shops spanning the globe, with nearly 40,000 locations in 80 countries and is currently the second largest restaurant chain in the world, with plans to keep growing. So, no matter where you live or where you may travel to, you can use your Starbucks gift card and that’s always a good thing. So, be sure to enter our daily $15 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway and you could be among our next lucky winners. In fact, we give 5 free entries per day, so be sure to max those out if you love Starbucks!

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