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August 2022 Featured Prize Winners

Are You an August Winner?!

It’s been another fun month of giveaways and winners and we’re always happy to highlight those who have made it to the Winners page! While you’re having fun playing our free games for the chance to win some incredible cash prizes, be sure to keep an eye on your email for our special sweepstakes giveaways too! We’ve had some amazing prize drawings this month which we awarded to our random drawing recipients and we’re sure they were thrilled to receive that happy news!

Martha M. from Three Rivers, Michigan, added her name to the special sweeps winners list after she won the $100 Gap Gift Card prize drawing on August 4! This is an absolutely great prize to win since you have many choices of where you can spend it. Gap offers online and in store shopping at it’s regular and outlet stores as well as its affiliates like Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta. Who knows, your prize win may have come just in time to buy the kids new back to school outfits, and you can also shop at Gap Kids if that’s how you want to use it.

Michael C. in Paducah, Kentucky, also has some shopping money since he won the $50 Amazon Gift Card special sweeps giveaway on August 11! Having free money to spend on Amazon is always thrilling since there are so many things you can buy. Whatever you can think of, chances are they have it on Amazon and if they don’t you probably don’t need it any way! Have a great time deciding what to buy, Michael!

Daniel F. of Spokane, Washington, is all set for the kickoff to football season now that he can enjoy game day on the super impressive 65” TV he won on August 18! There’s no doubt, once your friends and family find out about it you’ll hear some knocking on your door before the game starts! Just make sure they bring the game day food and beverages so you can all enjoy sharing your bounty with each other!

Sheldon S. in Boynton Beach, Florida, might be showing up at the clubhouse sporting a spiffy new shirt and pair of trousers since he can go clothes shopping at the Gap now that he won the $100 Gap Gift Card special sweeps prize drawing on August 25. That could have come just in time to have a fun Labor Day Weekend party celebration with your favorite people or perhaps tee off on your favorite green with your best buddies!

Congratulations to our many $50 Daily Cash Winners this month too, including Terrance O. in Conyers, Georgia, Charles W. from Hubbard, Ohio, Suzanne G. in Triangle, Virginia, Linda D. of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Lasonia M. from Goldsboro, North Carolina. We give this cash to one player each day, so watch your inbox for emails from us.

To see the complete list of all of this month’s winners, head to our Winners page. We hope you keep having fun playing our free sweepstakes games for the chance to win some incredible cash prizes as high as a whopping $555,000 which is more than a half million! That could most certainly be life changing to win! In fact, we have two games available each day with this top cash prize as well as other incredible cash amounts. It’s fun, free and easy to play so come back daily, or as often as you can, for your free chance to become one of our lucky winners!

Keep an eye on your email for winner notifications and other exciting news, like special sweepstakes giveaways and the daily cash prize. That’s how we notify our winners and arrange to pay their prize! We know it’s exciting to get a winner email notification and we hope you’re among the next winners to get that fantastic prize winner message or have that thrilling moment of choosing the lucky winning numbers in any of our free sweepstakes games, which you can see on the very next screen after each game entry submission.

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