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August 2023 Featured Prize Winners

PickMyPrize August 2023 Featured Prize Winners

If you’re someone who knows what you want, PickMyPrize is exactly for choosey and decisive people. Here you can pick your prizes and enter to win, absolutely free! We’ve compiled an array of our own awesome giveaways and combined them with the best of the best when it comes to online sweepstakes. Our partners are the leading companies that give away free cash, prizes, trips, cars, houses, pet supplies, TV’s and more! Be sure to come back daily and check out all of these superb prizes, pick what you like, and enter to win. It’s that simple to become a winner of something truly incredible!

Keep in mind, our Winner’s list shows winners of our direct giveaways, whereas winners from our partner sites are displayed on their lists. There have been some truly incredible prize wins recently, including a $300,000 Winner on Winloot! So, be sure to visit all the sites we connect with and submit your free entries for the chance to become a very lucky big winner too! PickMyPrize also offers a $300,000 Cash Prize direct giveaway, so don’t neglect to submit your free entries on a daily basis. That’s not something you want to chance missing out on!

Lorraine B. of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, didn’t neglect to get her entries submitted and it paid off with a $50 Amazon Gift Card prize win on August 10! Way to go, Lorraine! You’ve just won a ticket to a free shopping spree on the world’s largest online marketplace! That’s sure to put a smile on your face when you see how many thousands of choices you have available on great things you can buy with your gift card money! We hope you pick things that make you smile even more!

We’re sure Christine R. from Simpsonville, South Carolina, is smiling as she cruises around town on the super cool Electric Motorbike she won on August 23! This bike, valued at $1,500, can take you where you want to go without spending a penny on gas. Plus, you’ll be among those who are turning to alternative forms of energy to get you down the road without burning fossil fuels in the process! We know you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood when you wiz past the filling station and wave to everyone pumping gas because you don’t have to stop there! Have fun and enjoy every ride, Christine!

Gary Z. of Genoa, Illinois, is also having fun we’re sure since he won a cool $222 Cash Prize on August 31! That’s the way to end the summer on a high note, and perhaps do something extra special to round out your summertime activities. That could be a weekend camping trip to spend some quality time in the forest and commune with nature, but also take all your creature comforts with you! With $222 on hand, you can fill up your cooler, tune up your gear and invite a friend or some family members to join you on a great adventure of hiking, fishing and simply enjoying the great outdoors! That’s one idea of how your prize money could be enjoyed for something extra special! Whatever you do with your prize money, we sure hope it’s an extraordinary and memorable time!

Congrats to everyone who won the $15 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway this month too! We know that’s a fun prize to win and one you can use for your morning coffee or beverage of choice, breakfast, lunch, a midday snack or even to pick up a bag of your favorite coffee to brew at home! You could also get a refillable travel cup so you can easily take your coffee, tea or hot chocolate on the go to keep it hot and not worry about where to get rid of disposable cups. That’s another way to help the environment!

Keep coming back to PickMyPrize to pick what you want to win. We hope you have fun entering all of these amazing sweepstakes and wish each and every one of you the very best of good luck winning what you like!

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