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December 2022 Featured Sweepstakes Prize Winners

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Here at PickMyPrize, that’s precisely what you can do. We offer free entries into the best hand curated giveaways available online! Included in the impressive lineup are our own direct sweepstakes as well as those of our partner sites, which are hand selected by our team of experts. We want you to have the chance to win prizes that will make you happy! That’s why we’ve chosen things that certainly can do that!

We also give one entrant a $15 Starbucks Gift Card every single day. That’s free coffee, breakfast, lunch or your favorite snack on us! So, be sure to claim your five free daily entries if you’d like to be one of our next winners! You could hang in your favorite corner spot on your favorite device and get your daily entries in while you sip on your favorite coffee or other hot beverage. You could also use it to buy a meal or even pay for the coffee of the person behind you online. That would be a kind gesture that could make someone’s day! We have winners every day, so don’t miss your free entries for the chance to be a daily giveaway winner too.

Speaking of winners, Ned N. won the $222 Cash Giveaway on December 15, in plenty of time to add some gifts or festivities to his holiday plans for celebrations! Winning during the holiday season makes it even more merry since you can spend that cash any way you want to! You may decide to host a party at your house and invite everyone to sample your culinary masterpieces. With all that cash, you can certainly add the ingredients to your grocery to specialty store shopping list. Or, you could skip all that and order catering from your favorite restaurant in town so you can just chill and enjoy your company. You could also use it for a fun weekend getaway and head to your favorite slopes with your best friend to enjoy a weekend of skiing and snowboarding if you just love winter sports and can’t get enough of that packed powder on your favorite mountain. There are tons of ways having extra money can come in handy for fun celebrations, excursions, paying some bills, or whatever you want to do. We hope whatever that is, you enjoy being a winner, Ned!

Tom S. also has a reason to celebrate since winning the 40” Full HD Smart TV on December 29, just in time to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, have everyone over for the game, and everything else he enjoys watching! Once you have a smart television, there’s no going back to an ordinary set. You’re spoiled for life! Between the vivid colors, the ultra-clear picture and exceptional sound, anything you watch will transport you as though you are there. That could be a spot along the sidelines at your favorite football game, a front row seat to a concert by your favorite band, binge watching anything you like on the integrated apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Prime Video, which by the way is free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can also watch more than 100 free channels and connect what you need via two HDMI ports and 1 USB connection. We hope you have fun discovering all the ways to enjoy your new set, Tom and enjoy it for a long time!

Keep in mind, once we award one of our prizes, we reset the giveaway date so be sure to enter if you’d like the chance to be one of our next winners! It’s simple to do simply by clicking on the prize you want and entering your email address. For our partner site giveaways, it’s equally as easy and always completely free as well!

In fact, it’s possible to win more than once. John A. of Waianae, Hawaii, won the $15 Starbucks Gift Card prize drawing on both December 1st and December 31st. That’s a dedicated sweeper who knows if you keep entering you can always win again! Since sweepstakes drawings are at random, and therefore the luck of the draw, you have the same chance as anyone else for your entry to be the chosen winner!

So, head to the home page and check out the impressive lineup of prizes we offer. Then just pick your prize and enter to win! It’s that simple. Whether you want a big stack of cash, a Super 73 Electric Motorbike to scoot around town without having to buy gas, or even a fabulous $10,000 Food Trip to Italy, it’s all there waiting for you to enter!

We add new giveaways periodically, so be sure to visit every day and enter for what you want to win, or enter everything! Our site is open 24/7, so you can visit to enter any time it’s convenient. It’s a great way to pass the time and it’s even greater if one of your entries is chosen as the winner! You never know what that randomizer will choose but one thing is for sure, you can’t win if you don’t enter. So, make it a part of your daily fun and bookmark our site. You can also share it with your friends. That’s a free gift we’re sure anyone would appreciate receiving. We wish all of our sweepers the very best of good luck in the new year and hope you win the prize you pick!

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