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February 2023 Featured Prize Winners

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Pick My Prize offers the unique opportunity to choose what you want to win from a variety of top names in free sweepstakes giveaways! With one stop on our site every day, or as often as you’d like, you can select from hand curated prizes and easily enter to win absolutely free! We also offer our own direct giveaways, which only enhances the awesome choices you have to pick and enter for what you want to win!

Sheri M. of Hampton, Connecticut, chose an awesome cash prize and won it on February 2, when her entry was selected in the $222 Cash Sweepstakes prize drawing. That sure is great news and we hope you have a fantastic time with all that extra cash to spend. Maybe you’ll decide to have a girls day out and head to Sharpe Hill Vineyard with your best friends to enjoy the beautiful scenery, great food and fine selection of wine tastings. You may even decide to take home a few bottles to share with your significant other, such as their light and refreshing Ballet of Angels. After your fun filled afternoon, you may want to continue your adventurous day with a stroll through the Putnam Antiques District. You never know what historic treasure you could happen upon, perhaps even with a legend attached to it! Have fun with your prize money, Sheri!

Dave S. from Humble, Texas, also has a reason to celebrate since winning the $250 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on February 9! Woohoo! That’s certainly a great win since you can spend a Visa Gift Card just about anywhere you can think of! That could mean some serious extra shopping money the next time you head to Walmart! Or you might decide to stock up on home supplies and groceries at Costco so you never run out of what you need. You could also treat yourself and your better half to a really nice meal at DiMaria, because nothing says we’re having a fiesta like a fabulous Mexican meal complete with Margarita’s and a flamenco guitarist playing your favorite tunes while you celebrate and have a fantastic time! There are lots of ways you can have fun with your gift card money and we hope you totally enjoy whatever you decide to do with it!

Michael G. in Fresno, California, also has some extra shopping money on hand since he won the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on February 16! There’s no better place to have gift card money in your account than Amazon since you can find just about anything you can possible need or want to buy. Once you select your purchase, it’s so exciting to see your gift card there to pay for it at check out, and your balance due says zero! Now, that’s a spectacular way to shop online and we hope you find just what you’re looking for and enjoy paying for it with your prize money, Michael!

Andrew H. of Red Bluff, California, also has some extra money to enjoy since winning the $100 Cash Giveaway on February 23! Cash is always an awesome prize to win since you can do whatever you’d like to with it. You could invite a friend to go out to dinner and see a movie afterwards because it’s always awesome to catch the latest releases on the big screen! Or maybe your favorite band is playing this weekend and the timing is just perfect because you wanted to buy some of their merchandise and show your support for local talent in the area. Bands always appreciate when their fans show up and support their effort! Have fun with your prize money, Andrew, no matter how you plan to spend it. We hope it helps you make a memorable time you’ll always look back on with a smile when you recall the day you won the $100 cash prize and went out and had a great time!

Congrats also go out to our many $15 Starbucks Gift Card winners. We give this prize to someone every day because who doesn’t love free coffee or a nice meal on us?! Some of this month’s daily prize winners include Rosina L. of Charlotte, North Carolina, Jocelyn G. of Kaneohe, Hawaii, Michele M. of Bethpage, New York, and Gerald H. of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Congrats to everyone who found that happy winner news in their email!

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