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February 2024 Featured Prize Winners

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If you’re someone who is choosy about what they like, PickMyPrize is the perfect sweepstakes site for you! Here you can pick what you like and enter to win absolutely free! We offer access to hand curated prizes from the top names in the sweepstake industry, all located on one convenient site, so you have your “go to” for top notch sweepstakes entering every day!

Ennis R. from Kelly, North Carolina, certainly picked a winner when she entered for the 40” Full HD Smart TV and won the February 15th prize drawing! This amazing television set is sure to elevate your home viewing experience with such great features including a high definition picture and perfect sound quality. Plus, if you’ve never owned a smart TV, you’re in for a real treat! Now you can easily find just about anything you want to watch and access your favorite apps from one smart interface. It also comes equipped with an array of popular apps built in. All you need to do is login to your account and you’re set to watch your favorite programs. So if you love Netflix or you’re a fan of the interesting shows and movies on Hulu, or you want to catch up on your favorite TV series or watch past seasons, you’re going to enjoy them even more now that you have the ultimate television technology with on demand streaming at your fingertips!

Brenda B. of Temple, Texas, must be leaping with joy since she has a free shopping spree to enjoy after winning the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on February 29, Leap Day! That sure makes having an extra day this month totally worthwhile! Shopping on Amazon is always mesmerizing since there are so many choices of what you can buy. But having gift card money to pay for your chosen purchases certainly does make it extra special! That could mean a new outfit to step out in Spring fashion, or perhaps you’ve been wanting to see what cooking with an air fryer is all about! No matter what you decide to buy, we hope you fully enjoy paying for it with your gift card prize money, Brenda!

We’d also like to congratulate our February winners of the daily $15 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway. Someone wins this gift card every single day so be sure to enter because there’s nothing like getting your favorite java absolutely free! Whether you like a trendy cup of latte, or you’re more of a purest and drink yours black with sugar or cream, you can get whatever you like and use your gift card to pay for it! You might even harken back to the days when Starbucks was just a coffee bean seller, and pick up a bag of your favorite roast to brew at home. Some of you may or may not remember that the original founders of Starbucks did not want to run a coffee shop. They simply wanted to sell the beans. Were it not for the persistent ingenuity of a former employee, the Starbucks we know today would never have existed. Yes, we know, perish the thought Starbucks lovers!

Don’t forget to check out our partner sites because they are chock full of winners this month as well! We offer access to a variety of the top sweepstakes giveaways all on one convenient site, so you can pick what you want to win right from our home page! That includes tons of big cash giveaways, access to prizes and gift cards to pamper your pets even more so, a vacation of a lifetime touring Italy to dine on the best cuisine in the world and taste those incredible wines, a dream car you’d be pinching yourself while you drive, a cruise for two that you’ll never forget, and so much more!

So, make PickMyPrize a part of your daily routine and keep entering for whatever you want to win! Just be sure to use an email you check often when entering any of these free giveaways, and keep an eye on your inbox so you don’t miss potentially thrilling news from PickMyPrize or our sweepstakes partners. This is a chance to win the best of the best by entering absolutely free, so don’t miss it!

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