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How Will You Know If You Win a Prize?

Pick My Prize makes it easy to enter our own sweepstakes and offers great giveaways through our partner sites so you can find the best prizes available for the chance to win something you would just love to have, like a huge amount of cash, fun products, cool gift cards and more! Our site, and those of our partners, all require a valid email address in order to enter or play for the chance to win any of the free giveaways.

If you see an Enter button followed by a box to fill in your email address, be sure you fill in the email you check the most often and the one you want to be notified at if you win any of the prizes. That’s precisely how you will know if you’ve won something you entered or played to win. Whether the site has a free membership registration or only requires your email to submit your entry, you’ll want to be sure it’s your real email address and you spell it correctly. This is paramount to being able to be reached by the sweepstake site if you win.

Just imagine winning a desired prize and you didn’t submit your email address correctly, or neglected to update it in your membership profile to a new one you’re now using. The site has no other way to reach you since there’s no requirement to put a phone number or any other contact information. It has happened and, in fact, it happened to a $100,000 winner on Winloot, Patrick A. from New Jersey. That was quite a task to track Patrick down but luckily his daughter, who is also a Winloot member, saw the search for her father posted on social media and the story ended well with the Winloot team hand delivering that massive check in person! It did take some time for that to happen though, and it was a nail biting search for the Winloot team who wanted to award that large sum to their very lucky winner!

All of the sweepstakes represented on Pick My Prize will always notify winners by email. That’s how they will also arrange to deliver your winnings to you whether it be a prize, gift card or money. You could say that your email is your winning ticket because there’s no other way to let you know if you’ve won. It is true that some sweepers neglect the importance of this vital aspect when entering or playing their favorite sites. Make sure you don’t let that happen so you can easily find out if you’ve won and gladly accept your prize payment without anything standing in your way, like the lack of being able to find you!

If, for example, you sign up on Winloot for their free membership so you can start playing the daily games, it is crucial that you fill in your real email address and advisable to also register your basic information like your first and last name, city and state. When entering your email for other sweepstakes, such as Pick My Prize, be sure to double check you’ve filled it in correctly before you click the submit button.

Keep in mind, Pick My Prize or any of its partners will never call you on the phone about a prize win. We will also never notify you by text, private message on social media or any other app, send any winner letter to you by postal mail, or show up at your door with balloons, flowers and a big check. So, underscore this: the only way you will know if you win is through the email address you entered in any of the sweepstakes contests or membership account profiles. If you do win big, the check may be hand delivered but that’s only after you’ve replied to the winner email and filled out the necessary paperwork for the prize payment to be released, which is basically an income tax form that is required by law for any legitimate sweepstakes winnings.

Some avid sweepers set up a separate email address for this very reason. That way any messages going to that email will always be related to the sweepstakes sites they enter. This is a smart way to stay organized and not run the risk of missing an important message, like a winner notification, which could get lost among your everyday messages or end up in a folder other than your primary inbox where you may not see it.

It’s a basic rule of legitimate sweepstakes sites such as Pick My Prize and our partners, to use email as the main method of communication. There are times when big cash prize winners may be contacted to do a winner interview or surprise winner reveal in person or by video chat, but the initial contact is always made through the email address the winner entered in the sweepstake contest.

We hope this makes it easy for you to understand the important role your email address plays in entering any of the free sweepstakes we offer through this site and wish you all the best of success and good luck on winning the prizes you pick!

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