Pick My Prize

How Does Pick My Prize Work?

Pick My Prize is a site built specifically for sweepstakes lovers.  We want to make it easy for you to find opportunities to win cash, gift cards and other prizes, be they on our site or on other sites.  Think of Pick My Prize as a way to see opportunities to win on several sites, listed on this one website.

The top section of Pick My Prize will feature great offers from other sweepstakes sites.  We may promote opportunities to win big cash prizes, like a $10 million daily drawing, or a shot to win $77,777.77 where you can get 2 chances to win each day.  We'll also feature great gift card and prize options, like big-screen TVs, smartphones, Visa Gift Cards and more.  These offers are likely to change frequently, so make sure to check out Pick My Prize daily to find new opportunities to win cash and other big prizes.

Pick My Prize will also offer our own giveaways, ranging from cash, like our $3,750 giveaway, to gift cards such as a Visa Gift Card, and other great prizes like a big screen TV.  These Pick My Prize giveaways will also change frequently, so if you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know.

And if you love Pick My Prize, please tell your friends.  And make sure to check the site often for great ways to enter to win fantastic prizes on Pick My Prize and other sweepstakes sites.

Good luck!