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January 2023 Featured Prize Winners

January Sweepstakes Winners

Here at PickMyPrize, we offer the chance to pick what you want to win and enter for it absolutely free! We have a hand curated selection of prizes which includes our own giveaways along with those of our partners who are top names in the sweepstakes industry. So, if you’d like an easy way to find the best giveaways with free chances to win, be sure to bookmark this site and come back to enter every day! You’re sure to be impressed with the wide range of prize offerings and even more impressed if you get an exciting winner email from us or one of our partner sites.

Jeri A. in Guthrie, Oklahoma, got a fantastic surprise email from us after he won the Netflix Premium Annual Membership on January 12! Congrats, Jeri! With this awesome streaming service, you’ll enjoy an unlimited variety of all kinds of great programs including award winning television shows and documentaries, movies galore, Netflix originals found no where else, and more. Plus, you can watch from your television or any device of your choosing such as your smart phone, tablet or laptop. It also includes free access to the Netflix mobile app, which is a fantastic way to enjoy everything while you’re traveling or on the go! Plus, with premium audio and video quality, you’ll be able to relax and not strain to see or hear anything you’re watching! Congrats on a very cool prize win!

Bernie M. from Half Moon Bay, California, has some extra cash burning a hole in his wallet since he won the $100 Cash Prize on January 19! Cash is king that’s for sure and now you might go out and have some fun with it! You might decide to grab your best friend and head up to San Francisco to see your favorite band and maybe have a bite to eat afterwards. Everyone knows Mel’s Diner is the best place to get a late night bite after a night of great music! Whether you head to The Great American Music Hall, The Fillmore, Slim’s, The Cow Palace, or any of the historic or new venues in the city by the bay, you’ll certainly have the choice of the best live music offerings possible! You may even decide to take a stroll through Haight Ashbury to see where those famous bands made their home like the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin with Big Brother and The Holding Company, and a whole host of incredibly talented musicians and singers whose music is still just as relevant today with new generations discovering and making it their own!

Suzanne G. of Triangle, Virginia, got a pleasant surprise in her email after she won the $50 Amazon Gift Card on January 26! What a fun prize to win since you can choose from hundreds of thousands of items on Amazon. If you’re an avid Amazon shopper, you may already have some things saved for later and now, with your gift card loaded into your account, you can move them to your shopping cart and check out your purchase! That’s always exciting when you can buy something from your wish list and sit back while you wait for it to be delivered! No matter what you’re in the market for, chances are you can find it on Amazon since they are the worlds largest online retailer. You can even use it to buy groceries from Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh whether you head to the store or shop on the app for home delivery. We hope whatever you decide to buy, you fully enjoy paying for it with your gift card money, Suzanne!

Congrats go out to our many Daily $15 Starbucks Gift Card Winners this month. We give this gift card to someone every day because we think coffee is an awesome gift. You can also use to buy any of your favorite beverages, breakfast, lunch or a mid-day snack. You may even decide to treat someone to their favorite cup of latte or other hot beverage, iced coffee or tea. You can also bring home a bag of beans to grind your own favorite blend at home or maybe pick up a tumbler, mug or water bottle to use over and over again. There are a lot of choices and we hope each of our winners enjoys whatever they decide to spend their gift card money on.

Thanks for entering and please feel free to come back every day to pick the prizes you want to win. It’s so easy to submit your free entries and you just may be surprised when your entry is chosen as the winner of one of these super fabulous giveaways. Our site offers chances to win massive amounts of cash, shopping money, a once in a lifetime trip to Italy, an ultra-cool electric bike, a new smart tv, gift cards and even the car of your dreams. So be sure to pick your prize and enter to win. We’d be thrilled to see your name as one of the lucky winners and wish you all the best winning the prizes you pick!

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