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January 2024 Featured Prize Winners

Picking what you want to win is what PickMyPrize is all about. We offer free entries into our own direct giveaways as well as those of our partner sites, which are tops on the sweepstakes industry. This allows us to offer a hand curated array of the best sweepstakes giveaways on one convenient site! You can enter any time of day and it’s always completely free, no matter what you may want to enter to win!

Lynn E. of Long Beach, New York, has a new set of wheels to cruise around town now that she won the Electric Motorbike prize drawing on January 10! Living in a great beach community with so many fun things to do can only get better when you have this motorbike to go places and do things! Now you don’t have to worry about a parking spot or stopping at the gas station either. We’re sure your friends might look a bit puzzled when they see you gliding by with a big smile on your face and using your money to buy lunch or go shopping instead of paying for gas! Plus, you will be emitting zero carbon, and that’s a plus for the environment. Have fun, Lynn! With the warmer weather coming up it’s sure to be even more fun this season zipping around from place to place on your new Electric Motorbike!

Congrats also go out to all the daily winners this month as well. We give a $15 Starbucks Gift Card to one winner every day because we think having a free coffee, breakfast, lunch or snack on us could make your day a whole lot nicer! Plus, you can cozy up at your favorite Starbucks spot on your phone, tablet or laptop and enter all of the free sweepstakes we offer. That’s one way to enjoy your gift card money and get more chances to win something spectacular among our array of amazing sweepstakes giveaways.

We’ve also added some new partner site giveaways, so make sure to check those out and enter to win. Our newest affiliate, Sweeps.Pet, has been rolling out the giveaways big time so be sure to check out their $125,000 Pet-Tastic sweeps along with other great prizes worthy of any doting pet parent. They’ve got lots of gift cards and a weekly giveaway too, which is perfect if you need extra resources to care for your dog, cat or other family pet.

There’s also a new $10,000 Christian Cruise for Two on deck, so don’t miss your free entries for the chance to set sail with your significant other, or anyone you like to travel with! Alternatively, the winner can take the ten grand in cash, and that’s always a good choice too, so don’t miss your free entries for the chance to be the lucky winner. Who knows, you may be feeling generous enough to donate some to your church or favorite charity to help those less fortunate if you win!

Keep in mind, all of these giveaways are absolutely free, and they all have one important thing in common which is the need for a valid email address to enter and receive notifications if you are chosen as the lucky winner. So, make sure to enter with an email you check often and keep a close watch on your email inbox for notifications from PickMyPrize and our affiliate sites. We wish you the best of luck picking the prize you want, entering and winning!

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