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May 2023 Featured Prize Winners

Meet our May Sweepstakes Winners

If you’re the type of person who is choosey and like to enter free sweepstakes to win amazing prizes, you’ve come to the right place! PickMyPrize offers users the chance to pick what they like and enter to win! All prizes are conveniently arranged on our home page so it’s easy to scroll through and choose what you’d like to enter. Of course, you can enter them all, but you can also cherry pick your favorites. Just be sure to keep entering until each contest ends so you don’t miss the opportunity to become one of the lucky winners! That would surely put a happy winner smile on your face!

The month of May can be quite merry, with everything starting to bloom, birds returning from their winter migration and weather getting warmer for outdoor fun and activities, celebrations and festivals. What can make it even more merry, is winning a prize you picked!

Kevin B. of Sweetwater, Texas, chose wisely when he entered to win the $250 Visa Gift Card Giveaway and won the prize drawing on May 4! That sure is a sweet prize to win since there are so many ways to enjoy spending a free Visa Gift Card! That could be a fun shopping spree at Walmart to pick out some things you’ve been wanting to buy or just impulse shop and see what catches your eye! You could also take your special someone out for a date night and get a table for two at Kinfolks Grill. Or perhaps you’ll take your whole family out to lunch at Allen’s Family Style Meals for some of that famous fried chicken with all those yummy sides served family style so everyone can taste a bit of everything! That sounds like a memorable way to enjoy some of your prize money and still have plenty left over for other exciting outings or whatever you feel like spending it on!

Euyless M. from Greenville, South Carolina, may also be enjoying some shopping or dining out after winning the $100 Giveaway on May 18! That could certainly make your next trip to the Haywood Mall a whole lot more enjoyable! Or perhaps you’ll head to the local farm to pick up fresh fruit so you can make your famous pies everyone always craves and cries for! You might even buy yourself something special like a new pair of walking shoes and take the kids to Frankie’s Fun Park to enjoy all the amusements that has to offer! You could also head over to Dino’s Family Restaurant afterwards to take a break and let someone else do the cooking since they’re always serving up nostalgic southern comfort classics to rave reviews!

Polly W. in Camillus, New York, might also be doing some celebrating since she won the $222 Giveaway on May 25! That sure is exciting news to find in your email and we hope you’re truly excited to win all that cash! That could be cause for a celebratory meal at Kiki’s Authentic Greek Food where we hear everything is cooked to absolute perfection! You might even decide to grab your BFF and take a drive to Skaneateles to enjoy a luxurious day at Revive Cryo & Wellness Spa! You can catch some of their weekday specials and enjoy a facial, infrared sauna, dry floating or any of the treatments they offer to relax, unwind and look and feel your absolute best! That’s a nice treat and you may like it so much, you could become a regular since it’s less than a twenty minute drive. Double lucky you! Enjoy it!

Bryce B. of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is enjoying shopping on Amazon since he won the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on May 31, just in time to perhaps buy some new things for summertime fun! That could be a new portable lounge chair you can take with you to the park to enjoy a concert under the stars or to relax at your favorite spot along the riverfront to enjoy the nice weather in the fresh air and sunshine!

Congrats to our many daily winners too! We give away a $15 Starbucks Gift Card to someone every day because we believe there is such a thing as free lunch, or at least free morning coffee! If you love Starbucks, don’t forget to enter five times each day and you could be among our next lucky winners!

Be sure to visit PickMyPrize every day, or as often as you can, and enter for what you’d like to win. Simply click on the prize you’re interested in winning and submit your free entries. Whether it’s a big stack of cash, the trip of a lifetime, shopping money, gift cards, a new electric motorbike, or even a brand new Jeep Wrangler, we’ve got you covered with the best hand curated giveaways from across the web and wish you all the best of picking and winning something spectacular!

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