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October 2022 Featured Prize Winners

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Here at PickMyPrize we offer free entries which are available every day for the chance to win some pretty impressive giveaways! You can choose what you like or enter them all! We offer our own direct giveaways as well as those of our partner sites, which adds up to an incredible selection! So, the only question is, what do you want to win? We know what some of our sweepers wanted to win because they entered and found themselves on our winners list! That’s a fantastic email to receive and we’d like to congratulate our latest round of winners for October 2022!

Sandi H. of Northville, New York, put some money in her wallet after winning the $222 Cash Giveaway on October 6, 2022! What a fantastic time of year to come into some unexpected cash. Now you can plan your holiday meals and shopping with more money in your budget to enjoy giving nice gifts and making great food! Maybe you’ll treat a friend to a nice lunch at the Northampton Diner before you head out on your shopping excursion. Having extra cash is always enough to put a spring in your step even in the colder weather! Have a great time with your prize money, Sandi, and thanks for entering!

Richard G. in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is getting ready for game day we’re sure since now he can invite everyone to watch on the 40” Full HD Smart TV he won on October 13! Having a high definition picture can certainly ensure you won’t need to rewind or wait for the instant replay since you’ll catch every play perfectly clear! You can also enjoy movie nights with your family, or just hit your easy chair with your favorite snacks and beverages to binge watch tv shows, catch a concert, see what’s happening in news and weather, and anything else you want to see. We hope you enjoy it for many years, Richard!

Valentine B. of Amityville, New York, is no doubt the coolest cat in town now that he has the coolest pair of shades anyone can wear after winning the Bose Audio Sunglasses on October 27, 2022! With this awesome pair of audio sunglasses, you’ll be able to see where you’re going much clearer and listen to your favorite tunes along the way! If someone sees you bopping down the street they may look at you quizzically, but we’re sure you’ll just smile and flip them a peace sign so you can continue on your musical walk through town! You can also answer your phone, make calls and use voice activated assistance like Siri or Alexa on your smartphone or other Bluetooth connected devices. How cool is that?! Have fun with them, Valentine!

A big shoutout also goes to our many Daily $15 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway recipients. We give this prize away every day because we think everyone deserves delicious free coffee! You can buy some for yourself, share it with a friend, bring some to work or perhaps buy a cup for a stranger, which is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face randomly and help to make their day! You can also use it for breakfast, lunch or snacks, or to take home a bag of your favorite blend to brew at home.

Congrats to Howard K. in Henderson, Nevada, who won the $15 Starbucks Gift Card on October 1, Cassandra D. of San Bernadino, California, who won on October 6. Roy T. from Grampian, Pennsylvania, won on October 12, Melanie V. in Cleveland, Ohio, won on October 16, William W. from Lexington, Kentucky, won on October 21, and Ilene J. of Pompano, Florida, who won on October 30, just in time to get a couple of pumpkin spice latte’s for herself and her significant other, is a multi-time sweepstakes winner who’s name we recognize from some of our partner sites. Way to go, again, Ilene!

Congrats to all the winners this month. For the complete list, head to our Winners page to see who else won this month. We hope you enjoy entering for all of the giveaways we offer and wish you the best of becoming a winner too. Just be sure to enter with your real email address and check for messages from us and our partner sites when entering their free sweepstakes. Email is the way winners are notified and how prizes are arranged to be paid, completely free of charge of course! So, keep entering. We hope to see your name and prize on the Winners list really soon!

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