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Pick My Prize Partner Sites

Pick My Prize wants to help you find great ways to enter to win great cash and other prizes. While we run our own giveaways on the site, we also partner with other sites to help you to find and enter to win great prizes on multiple sites. This makes Pick My Prize a great site for you to visit to find many sites you can visit to enter to win prizes. And since we change up what we offer on a regular basis, you have to visit us daily to find more ways to enter to win.

So, who are our partners?


Winloot gives you up to 30 daily drawing sweepstakes entries daily. Giveaways range from $100 to $16,500 a month for life, which can also be paid out as $10,000,000 over time or a $4.2 million lump sum payout. Other top prizes include our $100,000 and $1 Million giveaways. Use quick picks, favorites or manually choose the numbers you want to enter. Match all of the numbers in a given sweepstakes to win that prize. All winners are contacted via email to confirm where to send winnings to as well as how winners wish to receive their prize. Prizes under $2,500 can be paid out via check, PayPal or Amazon Gift Card. Prizes of over $2,500 are paid out by check.


RewardIt is a 100% free and fun sweepstakes with tons of chances to enter to win great prizes every single day. Get fifteen daily drawing sweepstakes entries ranging from our initial $100 sweepstakes, all the way up to our biggest prize for $10,000,000! On top of that, get twenty chances to win huge cash prizes of up to $50,000 instantly once you complete your daily drawing entries. After that, get 50 entries in our pick ten $1,000 instant win sweepstakes. Hit nine numbers and win $50. Match eight and get $5. Since you don’t have to match all of the numbers to be a cash winner, this game has the most winners. And, RewardIt awards a $50 prize to one entrant every single day. Last, but not least… you can use the RBux you earn entering various giveaways like cash, gift cards, electronics and more.


PrizeCraze gives you five or ten daily entries for each of the giveaways listed on PrizeCraze. Enter one or enter them all! The choice is yours. You can enter to win cash, electronics, gift cards and more. One entrant is guaranteed to win $25 cash every single day. On top of all that, you can use craze coins for even more giveaway entries.


UWinIt also gives you five and ten entries daily to all of your favorite giveaways. Enter as many, or as few, as you wish. The top sweepstakes is for $5,000 CASH! You can also enter to win gift cards, home electronics, computers, tablets and other cash prize amounts. Simply choose the sweeps you want and then submit your entry on the subsequent page. It's that simple!


Scratchstakes is a totally free sweepstakes site that gives you entries into prizes of up to $8,888 daily. There are a total of sixteen (16) games that can be entered up to five (5) times per day. Each game card will give entries into the guaranteed to be awarded $100 Daily Sweepstakes. Playing is super easy and tons of fun. See if you are a winner by playing some of the Scratchstakes games today.


Sweeps4All  is a sweepstakes site that provides users with 100% free access to enter any or all listed giveaways, up to 5 times a day. Giveaways include a $7,777 cash prize, a $1,000 prize and opportunities to win even more cash, electronics, kitchenware, computers, and more. Plus, there are 6 daily giveaways, so you get 6 chances to enter to win daily prizes. Entering is simple, fast and free.

We're always looking for more ways to help you find more opportunities to enter to win, so check Pick My Prize often and you may find yourself entering to win on all of these great sites and more that we bring on to the site in the days ahead.

Good luck!