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Pick My Prize is all about you, the avid sweeper, and offers the very best in free sweepstakes giveaways. We have our very own unique prizes, but the interesting part about our site is we also partner with the very best in other sweepstakes sites. Combined, the offerings are hand curated to bring you the finest opportunities to win some of the best sweepstakes giveaways available online! The best part of all is everything is completely free and conveniently available all on one site!

Check out our prize page and ask yourself what you would like to win. Then go for it! Click on the prize and get your free entries. It’s simple, fast, completely free, and we think it’s a lot of fun too! We partner with some of the best in the sweepstakes business, and names you will probably recognize, such as Winloot, RewardIt, Sweeps4All, PrizeCraze, UWinIt and Scratchstakes. These sites are industry leaders with great giveaways and fun games which are available to enter or play every day for free!

You can find some of the best of our partners giveaways on our website, which is an easy way to get your entries in each day by clicking on whatever you’d like to win! How does $500,000, $300,000 or $125,000 cash sound to you? It’s pretty incredible to have the chance to win that kind of money which could certainly elevate your standard of living. Those are just some of the cash giveaways we offer on our site, so be sure the check them all out and get your free daily entries in for the chance to become a winner of one of those incredible amounts of money!

There’s also the chance to win a brand new Jeep! This is a very cool prize for those of you who love to go where there are no roads! Whether you’re escaping through the forest, up into the mountains, gliding along the beach, heading down the highway, or dashing around town, having a new Jeep to explore all of those places and have some real fun times driving it would certainly be thrilling to say the least!

Some of our direct giveaways include a super cool 40” Smart TV, a Premium Netflix Subscription, and the ultra-cool Bose Audio Sunglasses. Joe Cool would have nothing on you if you owned a pair these superb high-tech sunglasses! For those who may not know who Joe Cool is, he’s the alter ego of the famous cartoon and comics character, Snoopy, created by the late Charles Schulz. Joe Cool’s distinctive characteristic was that he always wore a pair of cool sunglasses, and so you can if you’re chosen as the lucky winner of this fantastic prize! We’ve already awarded a pair recently, so keep entering and you could be next!

Please feel free to bookmark our site and visit daily, or as often as you can, so you can enter to win all of the amazing giveaways we offer. We’d be thrilled to send you a winner email and award a cool prize to you, or some serious cash! Simply pick what you’d like to win and click on the “Click Here to Enter” button beneath the prize. Our site is called Pick My Prize because that’s precisely what you can do!

We hope you enjoy everything there is to enter and wish you success at becoming a lucky winner! You can also follow us on Twitter if you’d like to stay in touch and keep up with the latest news about the best hand-picked giveaways!

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