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PickMyPrize July 2022 Featured Prize Winners

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Pick My Prize offers free chances to win not only our own outstanding giveaways, but that of our incredible partner sites! Entering is simply a matter of choosing what you want to win and submitting your free entries, or having fun playing free games for the chance to win.

It doesn’t get any more exciting or easier to get free chances to win some truly amazing prize giveaways! Plus, we’ve also added a $15 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway which we give to someone every day! So, be sure to include those entries for the chance to win a gift card to buy your favorite java or other beverages, snacks, or meals at Starbucks!

Linda L. in Fairhope, Alabama, got a fun winner message from us after she was chosen to win the $15 Starbucks Gift Card prize drawing on July 7! That's a great surprise whether you like to roll into the drive thru or pick a table and linger for a while on your favorite device with your favorite beverage. Check out our winner’s list to see everyone who’s won the daily giveaway this month and be sure to enter for your chance to win. We give 5 free entries every day and if you’re chosen in one of the daily prize drawings, we’ll send you a winner email so you can collect your gift card and head to Starbucks to enjoy whatever you like, on us!

Raymond M. from New York, New York, can now become a movie aficionado, if he isn’t already, since he won the Netflix Premium Annual Membership prize drawing on July 14! Add to that, you can binge watch your favorite television shows, tune in to your favorite entertainment, sports, and news, and watch pretty much whatever you like since Netflix has such a wide array of programming. Enjoy it!

Freda A. of Lemont, Illinois, is having some fun shopping on Amazon with the $50 Gift Card she won on July 21! There is so much to choose from, whether you know what you want to buy or just end up browsing around for ideas, either way having free shopping money can make for a really great time picking out what you like and paying for it with your gift card!

Janice M. in Lakewood, Washington, is also having a good time watching whatever she feels like since she won the 40” Full HD Smart TV prize drawing on July 28! Between the ultra-clear resolution, integrated apps and over 100 free channels, you’ll never run out of enjoyment with so many choices of what you can watch with total picture clarity and great sound quality!

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Prize offers change on a regular basis, so be sure to keep checking back to see what we’ve added that’s new and fun to enter. Click on the prize you’d like to win and submit your free entries, or play a free game for the chance to become a winner. PickMyPrize was created with the avid sweeper in mind, and we make it easy to find your favorite giveaways.

You can also find us on Twitter so you can like and share our posts with your friends to offer them the opportunity to get in on the excitement! It’s always fun to see what is possible to win and you never know when your entry may be chosen in one of the random prize drawings.

You can also visit our partner sites and register for their free membership to play, or simply enter by submitting your email, for the chance to win the wide selection of sweepstakes prizes they offer. We hope you enjoy all of the opportunities to win a prize drawing and have fun entering every day, or as often as you want to. We wish all of our sweepers the very best of good luck and hope to see you on the winner’s list very soon!

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