Pick My Prize

If You're A Winner, You Have Prize Options

Pick My Prize is built for people who love to win.  The best part of our job, and running this website, is when we get to notify and hear from winners. Especially when we get crazy, enthusiastic responses that show how much people love to enter and win on Pick My Prize and our affiliated sites. It's just fun when you make other people happy.

When we notify a person that they've won a Pick My Prize contest, we do so via email.  So, it's important to remember that you enter to win with an email address that you use often.  It's sad when we send an email to a winner and we don't hear back.  And yes, it happens.  We have to try to find a winner and, unfortunately, sometimes we never hear from  a winner and the prize can go unclaimed.  Just because they either used the wrong email address or they haven't checked their inbox.  Whatever the reason, if you want to win, make sure you enter with your active email address and that you check your email regularly to see if we've sent you a winner notification email.

If you get a winner notification email, you will have several choices on how we get the prize to you.  If you win an actual prize, like electronics, kitchenware, outdoor gear, etc., you can choose to have that prize shipped directly to you.  You can also choose to be paid the cash equivalent as an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal deposit or we can send you a check to your mailing address.  The same goes for winning a gift card or cash prize - you can choose to receive those prizes as an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal deposit or we can send you a check.

So, if you see an email from Pick My Prize that tells you that you've won, make sure you follow the instructions and let us know how you'd like to receive your prize.  We'll do the rest from there and get your prize to you.

Good luck! Make sure to enter to win often and check out all of the great prizes we have available on Pick My Prize and affiliated sites.