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September 2022 Featured Prize Winners

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It’s a brand new month and that can only mean one thing, a list of brand new winners of our prize giveaways have made it to the Winners page! No matter what you want to win, we have you covered with an assortment of hand picked giveaways which are among the best you can enter! We offer chances to win our giveaways directly and also partner with the top names in free sweepstakes sites. You could consider our site your go to for one-stop sweepstakes entering, which makes it convenient for those who may have a busy day and would like one central place to access free chances to win great prizes!

Mark T. from Pahoa, Hawaii, is an avid sweeper whose name frequently shows up on winner lists. What’s his secret you may ask? It’s very simple. He takes entering seriously and does it consistently which is the way devoted sweepers often win! Mark is now the proud owner of a Netflix Premium Membership since winning the prize drawing on September 8! This is a entertainment dream come true since it gives you access to just about anything you could ever want to watch all in one simple to use streaming app. Whether its movies, sports, tv shows, documentaries, news, concerts, or whatever you can think of, there are thousands of options available through Netflix streaming. Plus, you can download programs to watch later, and stream on up to four devices! Enjoy it, Mark!

Carol F. put some money in her wallet this month after winning our $100 Cash Sweepstakes Prize on September 22, just in time to welcome the change of seasons and perhaps head out to a Fall Festival or maybe buy that cozy flannel jacket you’ve been admiring in the local boutique window! There are lots of options of how you can enjoy spending your free cash prize and that may even be a nice dinner for two at one of the fine restaurants in town, or perhaps a pair of tickets to see your favorite band in concert or a play at the local theater.

Dana G. also has some shopping money to spend after winning the $50 Amazon Gift Card Prize drawing on September 29! Shopping on Amazon is always an adventure since there is a mind boggling amount of choices of what you can buy! No matter what you want or need, chances are you can find it on Amazon and, if you can’t you probably don’t really need it anyway! Have a great time exploring all of those possibilities, Dana! We hope you buy whatever makes you feel really happy!

To add to the fun of our exciting sweepstakes offerings, we thought you might like to have some of your favorite coffee on us, so we’re giving away a $15 Starbucks Gift Card to someone every single day! That could mean your morning commute cup, a bag of your favorite coffee beans to brew at home, a nice breakfast, lunch, or mid-day snack, or you might even buy a hot coffee for the guy sitting outside and show some kindness by paying it forward! That would be a nice gesture most anyone would appreciate, and it would probably make their day!

Congrats to all the $15 Starbucks Gift Card Winners for September, all thirty of you! That fine list includes Penny O. of Harwood, Maryland, Valentine B. from Amityville, New York, Kennedy M. in Durham, North Carolina, Alfonse B. of Wauchula, Florida, Wes H. of Franklin, Wisconsin, Robert B. in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, Robert S. of Kansas City, Missouri, Elrond G. of Marietta, Georgia, along with two familiar winner listers Harvey R. of Katy, Texas, and Hattie B. of Rowland, North Carolina, who have been winners on several of our partner sites in the past. Congrats the entire list of winners this month. To see all the names of every winner, head to our Winners page and be sure to offer your congrats if you see them on social media. Speaking of which, you can follow PickMyPrize on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news, giveaways ending, new winners and more! So be sure to follow us and share our posts with your friends so they can pick their prizes too!

Feel free to come back every day to see what new offerings we’ve added in the amazing sweepstakes line up and enter for whatever you’d like to win. Here at PickMyPrize, that’s precisely what you can do! Enter what you like or enter them all! It’s always completely free and we’re open online every day 24/7, so you can stop by and enter at your convenience. Just be sure to enter with an email address you can easily access regularly since our sweeps and that of our partners notify winners by email only. That’s why your email address is so very important!

Good luck and have fun entering for all of the exciting prizes we offer with free chances to win! We hope to be sending you a winner email and adding your name and prize win to our list of winners too!

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