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September 2023 Featured Prize Winners

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If you’re looking for a site that makes it easy to pick what you want to win and enter completely free, PickMyPrize has exactly what you need! We offer access to the best of the best when it comes to free online sweepstakes, which includes our own direct giveaways and those of our industry leading partner sites. That makes it a time saver to find everything you want to enter to win!

September was certainly a month to remember for many of our sweepers both in our direct giveaways and in those of our partners. In fact, our partner site Winloot awarded a whopping $300,000 to a player who had only signed up the day of that magnificent cash prize drawing and hours later she was a whole lot richer! We’d like to offer our congrats to Tammy P. of Maryville, Tennessee, on winning that massive cash prize!

William B. of Gladstone, Michigan, is enjoying his prize since he won the 40” Full HD Smart TV on September 6! This set features everything you need to immerse yourself in a completely high-definition experience with LED backlighting, perfect sounding speakers, more than 100 free channels, access to popular apps, a voice supported remote control and more! This set is so amazing, the only reason you might want to get off the couch or out of your chair is to refill your beverage and make more popcorn! We’re giving another one away, so for those of you who would like this experience, be sure to submit your free daily entries until we draw another winner, who will be notified at the email they enter, so make sure to use your best one!

Timothy L. from Salisbury, Maryland, is enjoying shopping where the pets go since he won the $100 Petco Gift Card prize drawing on September 13! If you love to take your dog out with you, Petco is the best place because they welcome our four legged furry friends, and often offer a treat to show them how happy they are to see them. It sure is fun walking around the store to see what your pet pal gravitates towards. That could be new toys, biscuits and other yummy treats, and you might even pick out a Halloween costume to show off their personality and sense of style or humor. You could also get some special treats for your neighbors dogs who show up with the kids to trick or treat. Hey, if they have a costume and they’ve come to your door, why not?! We’re pretty sure you’ll make some new friends in the process!

Daryl I. in Grand Junction, Colorado, might be gearing up for Prime Day now that he has the $50 Amazon Gift Card he won in the September 20 prize drawing! That could buy a new pair of hiking shoes so you can enjoy your favorite trails even more! If you’re in the market for something lightweight and waterproof, Nortiv carries a nice selection for just around $50 or less, and if you’re a Prime member you might hit a deal and get free shipping too! That’s just one of many ideas of something you could use your gift card money to buy!

Jay D. got some lucky news in his email after winning the $250 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on September 27! That sure is a fantastic prize to win because you can use a Visa just about anywhere! You could pay some bills, go shopping, or perhaps take your family out for a nice dinner at one of their favorite places in town. You could also use it on vacation to pay for a car rental, hotel room, or just to buy souvenirs to bring something special home for everyone. You might also decide to deck your house out with the ultimate spooky decorations this Halloween to let everyone know you’ve got tricks or treats, and they’ll have to come to your door to find out which it is! You could also save it to buy holiday gifts for those on your nice list, or invite everyone over for Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings and desserts! The choices are wide open, and we hope you enjoy whatever you decide to spend it on.

If you’re a coffee lover, you won’t want to miss free entries into our daily $15 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway! That’s something great for anyone who loves hot coffee, free breakfast or lunch, or even a snack or a bag of your favorite roast to brew at home! Just remember to enter five times a day and you could be one of the next daily winners like Anselmo C. of Renton, Washington, Bobbijo G. from Butler, Pennsylvania, Mark S. in San Bruno, California, Dan B. of Mendenhall, Mississippi, and Randy M. from Goodlettsville, Tennessee, to name a few. Remember, this is a daily giveaway so someone wins every single day, and the next winner could be you!

Keep entering for the prizes you want to win. PickMyPrize makes it fast and easy to access the best online giveaways completely free! We’ve added some new prizes to our lineup, including a $125,000 Pet-tastic Giveaway, big cash and other great prizes. Don’t miss your chance to become a winner of the best free giveaways available through one convenient site. Make PickMyPrize your daily go to and you could be the next lucky winner of something truly extraordinary!

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